hello, my name is


i was born 25 years ago and i live in São José dos Campos - São Paulo - Brazil

lagoa do CTA joão de barro no fio hangar do aeroporto capivara atravessando a rua torres de iluminação para aviões

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what makes me feel ALIVE


VISUAL ARTS: since the beggining of my artistic path i have dedicated most of my time & effort to the graphic arts (drawings, prints, photocopies etc). it seemed the most natural way to follow since my first influences were comic artists such as Robert Crumb, Lourenço Mutarelli, Rick Griffin and Daniel Clowes. later, i discovered the brazilian tradition in the art of engraving and artists like Gilvan Samico, J. Borges and Goeldi, which lead me to search for a different graphical treatment to my images, less controlled and more determined by the characteristics of wood. my experiments with color were mostly inspired by Van Gogh, japanese engravers and by my friends Oséias Ferreira and Daniel Ribeiro.

something very decisive happened when i was giving my first steps in the artistic road. i was at a college bench drawing outside, when a colleague came to se what i was doing. it was a pencil sketch. he said: "are you drawing all this stuff with the pencil to erase it later?". this phrase had the effect of a collapse in my mind, and i never made another sketch; i do everything directly with ink now and never erase anything (but i throw lots of drawings away). i almost never know what's going to come up, and i believe this gives room for inconscient images to emmerge, also as images from dreams and internal self-portraits.

the internet and I

i started fiddling with websites by the end of the 90's; when i was 12 i had a website about comics and animated cartoons. internet was sort of a no-man's-land and stuff was hard to find, there was no Google, etc. i used a software that downloaded whole websites, zipped; i downloaded the sites and then read the source code (using the glorious Netscape Composer to make small alterations and compare the results). my site was a patchwork of codes from diverse sites, attracting hate from other webdesigners that had also copied codes from somewhere else etc.

this experience made me discover the value of plagiarism, a practice that enables one to drink directly from the fountain and learn quickly, therefore excluding important stuff such as studies, conceptual introductions, dedication and honest work. my graduation work in Visual Arts was directly related to this, where, amongst other texts, i compared the books 1984 (George Orwell) and We (Eugene Zamiatin) - one of the most well succeeded cases of plagiarism in literary history, simply because almost no one knows that Orwell was "freely inspired" by the 20-years-younger russian book. i published these texts in a magazine called GRANDESOVOSNEGROS (BIGBLACKEGGS) that has a online version (in portuguese) http://blog.dedos.info

today i abandoned plagiarism and dedicated time to a serious study of webdesign; actually i'm trying to achieve a Master degree in Production Engineering, which has flourished in me a new way to think and project websites and systems. i make my living out of webdesign, but my masterplan for the future is to earn money with my artwork alone, selling my stuff and nothing more.

about this site

i created dedos.info in 2008 as a experimental portfolio, different from the other sites i published my work. at a first moment, my site was like any other, with a traditional structure with header, menus, footer etc. then, during the Media course at UNESP, a public art college in São Paulo, my teacher Agnus Valente suggested me to drop that site i was doing and head to a more experimental path, compatible with the poetic of my visual work. it was when i assembled the version 1.0 of the site, mixing graphics from 8-bit and 16-bit videogames with my own images. that being said, if your moral integrity was damaged by this site's content, you can blame Agnus ;)

to construct a site with such freedom was blissful to me. i started experimenting more and assembled the version TWO, much more chaotic and with no textual references or guidance to the visitor, with secret areas and occult links, inspired by the world of videogames. looking at the statistics of the site, i perceived that most visitors weren't even near to find the whole site content, but i accepted this as a characteristic of the poetic line i decided to draw at that moment.

this version of the site tries to have the best from both worlds: the experimental, sensorial and the informative, descriptive - i would still like to stimulate the exploratory sense of people but with some reference. another important difference is that now i'm assuming the authorship for this site; i always tried o make this an anonymous space. but now i have the need to strengthen my name as an artist, to have my work seen (and sold), this being a special moment to assume the responsibility for my work and respond for it.